Pensioner assaulted by two hooded boys
20-year-old girl raped in subway
A broken nose for 20 Euro

Illusion or reality?

Openness, sincerity, straightness, directness, conscience, morality, society of coequal and free people, justice for everybody, harmony between man and nature, permanent development.

Secretiveness, simulation, falsehood, meanness, lethargy, tyranny, domination, devastated nature, millions of uprooted animals and plants, ecological catastrophes, slaughtered ethnics and nations in the name of "higher justice", unlimited power of capital, racism, xenophobia, intolerance, corruption, fraud, bureaucracy

Ideas and dreams are one side of life, reality the other.

We know that you and we live in the same reality. Because we are not content with today's reality, it is our goal to achieve its change. That is why we abide by our ideals and principles. In the ideal society, the lawyers should not exist. People would respect voluntarily and willingly the social consensus. Unfortunately, we probably will never experience that kind of society. Nevertheless, in spite of that or exactly for that, we do what we do. In addition, we do it the best way we can and we do it with pleasure. We would like to share that pleasure with you. We think that once a man loses the joy of his job, he loses the joy of life. When that happens, a man becomes just a regular machine in the machinery of today's world. It is exactly what we do not want. We believe that is not what you want either. That is the reason we take over a part of your problems. We hope this is the way to be helpful for you and you will not lose by our help the pleasure from your work.

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