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JUDr. Ing. Ivan Bojna

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AKIB, s. r. o.

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A good lawyer is always on your side

What do you seek?

Do you need business support?
Are you getting divorced?
Does somebody owe you money?
Do you need advice on property law?
Are you buying a real estate in Slovakia?
Do you have a problem at work or with the authorities?
Do you face a lawsuit?
Do you have another problem or question? Do not hesitate to contact us, asking a question does not cost anything.
Why choosing us

Why should you choose us?

Advocacy is not just a profession, it is a mission. A satisfied client is our top priority.
Our benefits are:
  • - high professionalism,
  • - fair prices,
  • - speed of services.
How are we different

We want to be different

We do not want to differentiate from other good lawyers who provide quality services, they are experts and for whom the client comes first, not their own financial benefit.

However, we certainly want to be different in other way – in addition to answering your questions for which you have visited our site, we also want to point your attention to the threat that affects each of us.

The climate crisis and other ailments should force us to respond. We want to show that it is not difficult. We will be happy if you at the end click on our websites, which are not related to the law.


For persons concerned in our services

Repeated services

Clients with a contract for the provision of legal services receive lower prices, prefered order and other benefits.

Stable clients

One-time service

If you are only interested in a one-time service, request a quote. A brief, but factual, description of the situation will help us a lot.

One-time clients

Online advisory

If you just need to answer a simple question, use our online legal advice service.

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