Legal services

Our team specializes in

Legal field:

- commercial law (including company law, foundation of companies for a special price and services of authorized person for registration in the Register of Public Sector Partners),
- civil law (including housing law, law of succession, insurance law, land law and real estates, consumer protection and neighbour disputes),
- intellectual property law,
- family law (including divorce, tenancy by the entirety, maintenance payments, rights of access to children),
- labour law,
- administrative law,
- constitutional law.

Especially major enterprises migh be interested in elaborating due diligence reports that our team members prepare in cooperation with other attorneys at law.

The law office provides qualified advice relating to resolving various controversial problems of technical character (including judicial disputes, recovery of outstanding claims ...), whereas we cooperate with prominent electro - technical engineers - experts, specialists from university and practice.

Real estate agency field:

- complete legal service, including preparation of contracts,
- professional examination of the contracts that has already been formed by other persons,
- complete after - contract service,
- authorization of contracts on transfer of real estate.

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